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Are you a listener or a reader? This is what it boils down to when you ponder which one to opt for as part of your content strategy – write a blog or record a podcast. Over the years we have grown used to blogs being part of content strategy. And a rich source of information and entertainment. Podcasts, previously known as audio blogging, gained popularity nearly a decade later. In 2019 research showed that nearly half of those surveyed downloaded podcasts to stay up to date with subjects of their interest. Nearly 40% claimed they used them to learn something new. So, with this interest in exploring new facts and gaining knowledge, are you ready for a content strategy makeover?

Let’s see what it takes to make a podcast as compared to writing a blog article and would you take a shot at it.

Time factor

Podcasts are thought to be more laborious taking on average 5 hours to produce. Blogs are said to be less time-consuming with over 3 hours necessary from research to putting final touches before an article is published.

The tools

While the tools need to edit a blog article are easily accessible, podcast editing is more complex. It takes software to record, edit and store the episodes recorded.

Technicalities aside, let’s focus on you as an author before you take the leap.


Do you get stage fright? Or do you like to bask in the limelight? Your personality traits reveal what form of expression suits you best. Naturally, extroverts would pick dynamic, fast paced environment with lots of interaction. These features are a great fit for podcasts where you not only tell stories but also get to interview others. Would extroverts prefer podcasts to blogging and introverts would only stick to writing? Well, there are no rules carved in stone in this respect. Being a good writer is not limited to introverts. Their reflective nature might predispose them to writing. Yet they can evolve well in front of a microphone, telling riveting stories thanks to their vivid imagination.


Skills such as writing and public speaking determine your ability to cope with the form of getting your content out. Writing undoubtedly offers more time to think, edit and an opportunity to scrap the entire thing to rewrite from scratch. Podcasts, on the other hand, require more dynamic approach. You may or may not stick to a script defining the tone and the pace of the content. But without a doubt, it takes many skills to flawlessly speak in front of the mike without losing the thread and being concise for at least half an hour. On top of that, to craft an absorbing episode you need to stuff it with juicy information, stay spontaneous and tackle possible tech issues as you go. The prospect of getting it all right in the first round seems forbidding yet not unachievable and possibly amusing.

The long game

And it is not about the activity being time-consuming. You start with a small audience in the blogging arena before the circle of followers grows big. With podcasts it is similar. But the stats seem to be more encouraging for the author to jump on this bandwagon; 7 hours a week is the average time the audience spends on listening to podcasts. And that counts for over 80% of podcast listeners. The potential is huge. Now, with these stats on blogging you might feel like your efforts are futile. Only 27% of blog readers read the full text, while the rest just skim it. And that’s if they get to click to open the article. An astonishing 60% of posts are shared without being read. You might be discouraged from publishing the next article you sweat over for hours. And perhaps consider trying your hand at recording a podcast.

Blogs are one of the top media used in content strategy and undoubtedly, despite some disheartening numbers concerning their readership, are here to stay. Yet podcasts are gaining more ground reaching the population unaccustomed to reading blogs-those with less time on their hands or seeking brief entertainment as they multitask. It might be worth giving it a try to showcase the expertise in your field and tap into those demographics your blogs have failed to reach so far. Recording a podcast could be the beginning of your content strategy makeover. Are you ready for it?

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