Persuasive about us page

persuasive about us page

“All great literature is one of two stories, a man goes on a journey or a stranger comes to town” Lew Tolstoy.

Nearly the same could be said about the story on the about us page – there is one or a series of events that led to creating a brand, company, or project. The about us page conveys just that- who you are, what you do, and why. As much as the about us page might not aspire to be a piece of great literature, it is still a cornerstone of your website copy. Hence it deserves enough attention to convince others to trust you, buy from you, or choose you as their service provider. Here is a look at what makes the about us page persuasive, engaging, and amusing. 

Start with “Who?”

The question “who?” stands for both you and your audience. On the one hand, the about us page should highlight who is at the project’s helm, planted the seed, and developed the idea. But almost as important as the founder and the team is the audience. Who would want to dig deeper into your history to discover why you do what you do than your potential customer? The story you craft aims at your customers, first-time visitors to your website, who are either curious about you or still hesitant to trust you. The product or service that you offer determines the type of audience you aim at. Hence you should know by now what information would be relevant to them. So here is another hint:

Make it informative

As an entrepreneur, you might be tempted to share all the details of your story. But before you set out on giving all the specifics away, would you, as a customer, be interested in half of the things you want to share? Probably not, so keep it short and simple yet informative enough so that it engages your audience. Give enough background that evokes positive emotions- you may opt to explain why you came up with the idea and how you want to execute it. You may also want to share what made you create this project- the freedom to choose the clients you work with or causes you would like to get involved with. Whatever it is, make sure your audience is at the center of your story. Because it is about them and not about you. 

Two faces of the story – mix the good with the bad

And to make an about us page sound authentic and persuasive, you need to mix success stories with less splendid achievements. After all, becoming successful does not equate to not jumping through hoops and often get thrown off the track or miss the target. 

Undoubtedly you must have faced setbacks before your business flourished. Or maybe a setback was what prompted you to start it all. Why not share it with people? Failures and the struggle to overcome them crowned with a triumphant ending speaks to people more than just a simple success story. The famous quote says,” Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts” (Winston Churchill). So be bold to show your audience the courage that made you continue despite difficulties. Including it in your story makes you sound like a human, brings you closer to your audience, and increases the chances of people wanting to deal with you.

Add credibility – the power of reviews.

Speaking lavishly about your accomplishments is a positive thing but there is this fine line between being to the point and being boastful. Positive reviews and feedback are tools good enough to demonstrate how good you are at what you do. Let others contribute to your story in their own words. They will make your story a more credible one. Nothing convinces people more to buy or trust you than their peers’ opinion about you.

Mission & vision – why you do what you do

A mission explains why you are here and how your products will change your customers’ lives. Explaining it is another opportunity to bond with your audience and help them understand your reason for being in the market. Don’t shy away from talking loud about your hopes and dreams, where you want your company to be x years from now. But make sure there is a clear difference between a mission and a vision. There seems to be a lot of confusion between the two. Often, both become one lengthy and blurry explanation of values, hopes, and beliefs. That’s not exactly what helps you get through to your audience. So start with something simple and build on it. The rule here is that mission responds to what you do now and vision- where you see yourself doing what you do in the future.

Choose the right tone

And speaking of coming up with a mission and vision, writing your story doesn’t have to be stiff and full of meaningless, puffed-up expressions. A simple language will get your audience to keep scrolling and getting the vibe of what your company is about. You want to make the right impression, adjusted to your potential customers. So speak the language of your audience, address them the way you would expect a company like yours to be addressed. Take a step back -is this what you would like to hear from someone you want to get to know closely? And since there is already an apparent interest in getting to know you, they would surely love to hear:

Facts and Figures

A handful of facts and figures would help you to draw a picture of where you are right now in the market and where you believe you will be in the future. Selecting the stats that best reflect your achievements or history complements the about us page. If you are looking to make an immediate impact with your about us page, opt for some graphs and facts that amplify the information given in the description. 

It’s about us and how we communicate.

The About us page does not need to be in a written format only. As far as a brief written introduction is necessary, a video or an infographic could animate the words that describe you. A video with a sneak peek into your creative process, a timeline with each piece of your project or a milestone achieved, make your story more compelling. You may also use a listicle as a way of showing what you excel at or what your personal preferences are. In fact, many companies opted for getting up close and personal. Apart from speaking purely about business, they give a brief outlook of the people behind the project or what they did in the past to provide a little background into how they can help you out.

With all these ideas, you can surely come up with some intriguing, amusing, and persuasive about us page. Think what would matter the most to your potential client, select the facts you want to highlight and you are ready to get introduced!

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