High-converting calls to action your homepage needs

Effective calls to action

No homepage can do without calls to action such as sign up, contact us, or read further. But will your audience be enticed to click on them or rather pass over them for sounding dull and unengaging? Here is a look at high-converting calls to action your homepage needs.

Sign up

If you are receive newsletters regularly from different sources, you might feel overwhelmed with the number of emails you get. Irrelevant content and too many emails are the top reasons for people to unsubscribe from newsletters. But before they get that far, you need to overcome the lingering reluctance to hand over email address to you. You may use incentives such as a promise of unique content they could get hold of nowhere else but on your website. And if the outcome is still poor, opt for something more enticing such as – a “Free trial” with no commitment or “Give us a try”. If you aim to get your website visitors to continue their journey with you, without making them feel locked in a relationship with prospects to soon turn sour, swap the intimidating “Sign up” button for a statement that promises benefits.

Contact us

A successful SEO strategy attracts new visitors to your website. Their interest in what you have to offer is already high, and a skillfully crafted copy should fuel that curiosity even more. The next step for your audience would be to contact you. To convert the leads into potential clients, convert the “Contact us” step into a polite but necessary invitation to explore further. Contact us could become a “Talk to us” invitation. Another foolproof method is to ask a question and add a call-to-action as a response. Anything that relates to your audience’s needs or current stage they are in as entrepreneurs, might become that pivotal point where your visitors feel the urge to fill out the contact form.

Read more

But if you audience is not ready yet to jump into an in-person interaction with you just yet, you would still want to keep their attention to explore more. Visitors scan your website in search of solutions, features that indicate that they are on the right page. Short phrases that engage the visitors to explore more, implying indirectly to do so will help. Instead of “read more”, hinting at a possible current status in the form of a question would prompt your audience to click on “Yes, that’s me”. And offering to solve an issue that made them start this search might quickly be responded to with “Take me there”.

Create an account

Evoking the feeling of scarcity or urgency in your website users will prompt them to act sooner than in the absence of such feelings. Think of using the phrase- “Spots filling up quickly” and an accompanying call to action “Book now”. The two combined together are a powerful persuasion tool to make people act. And this is what you are in for -to get your leads to explore, ask questions, and eventually fully engage with your services without much pondering.

Every homepage has some indispensable calls to action. But high converting calls to action that pique curiosity and trigger the urge to click through are scant. As a business owner, you want more of those eye-catching, compelling and cleverly placed calls to action to attract traffic and convert first-time visitors into frequent users. So transform the omnipresent and dull CTAs into high-converting calls to action using some imagination and wit to make them do just that.

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