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If you are an entrepreneur, you surely must have used your personal network- friends, family, ex coworkers- to spread the word about your new undertaking. The upside to that is the fact that opinions are generally biased in your favor. And getting connected with people who are on a look out for services and products you can offer, gets a lot less time consuming than through other acquisition methods.

But soon you realize that the scope of people you can contact shrinks and you need to harness other strategies. You turn to email marketing to get a wider reach, inform, educate, and entertain those who are already your customers. But the road ahead is winding and might make you doubt the efficacy of the whole process. Here are some email marketing hacks. They will help you capture more clients and make those that are already using your services stick around.

Impress with a subject line

Not utterly controversial but something that will stir them – “Are you on track for the life you want?”. Give an important piece of information they might find interesting- “business trips cancelled but mentoring continues online”. Ask a stirring question – “What would you do if you had no fear”. Pamper them – “why I believe you are a leader”. Give an advice or instructions – “how to convert your business writing into a masterpiece”. A subject line is like a headline in a newspaper – it is the first piece of information that undergoes the glance test. If it passes it, you are on the right track. If not – you need to look for some other attention-grabbing wording. And visuals too.

Make your subject lines stand out

How do you get to be seen in an inbox brimming with emails you are not necessarily keen on reading? You can play with how the subject line is seen- mix UPPER and lower case in a SENTENCE, be grammatically incorrect and get rid of upper case altogether or Type All Initials In Upper Case. The bottom line is to catch the eye of a hasty reader. Use these tricks to end continuous scrolling and make them click on your email. Oh, and emojis. Despite reports suggesting that they are scarcely applied because of potential display issues, they make your emails stand out from the crowd. Look at your inbox of unopened emails and see what draws your eye. It will surely be a subject line that contains one of these elements.

Adjust timings when your readers receive your email

There is research that suggest best timings for posting on social media, making cold calls to prospects etc. Yet those rules are useful at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey to get you through its first stages. But when it comes to emails, the only rule that applies is the one that suggests when your audience is online.  The frequency also makes a difference. Those who are engaged would most likely appreciate constant updates. But those who never open your email- perhaps you could rethink your strategy towards them – content and time wise. And this leads us to splitting your audience into groups to run experiments.

Run tests with different user groups

The purpose is to uncover what makes your readers tick and what they are irresponsive to. Knowing both will help you make a better call on choosing the content, wrapping it words, and topping it with a catchy subject line. Just take a look at some email metrics – what is the open rate, the click through rate, how many unsubscribed in each group tested and you will get the gist of what their likes and preferences are, and also what content they are indifferent to or in worse case – annoys them. A wealth of information to be explored is right at your fingertips to improve your email marketing strategy.

The tone leaves a memorable impression

The tone of the email can either invite your subscribers to read on or put them off. The subject line will instantly disclose what’s the tone, whether it is formal, humorous, optimistic, salesy. Balance is key – too informal or too stiff a tone may not necessarily be the right choice for what you wish to convey. Which brings us to the next point talking about:

What’s in this email for your audience?

The tone will be determined by the content. And the content by the likes of your audience you should by now have enough knowledge about. Careful curation of content that is of benefit to your audience is what makes or breaks the relationship. We all are signed up to newsletters from various sites, but only a few of them pass the glance test. And quite many make you want to discontinue receiving communication from.

Despite increasing use of instant messaging to communicate with clients, email marketing remains the preferred channel for marketers. So, don’t pass up the opportunity of fulfilling your audience’s expectations. Review the content frequently, add visuals to enliven its aspect and provide relevant information they will be delighted to read.

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