Decoding copywriting

Sometimes it is easier to define a process by saying what it is not rather than the opposite to debunk prevailing myths. So here is what copywriting is about.

Coining new expressions?

Writing a copy is a craft but it does not imply coming up with quirky sounding words. It is not about tongue twisters, showy words, or long speeches.  It is a creative process where ordinary words are used to showcase the benefits of your product. Messages are crafted to sell.

Highlighting the oohs and ahhs of the product

How many products do you know that are the best in its league? Probably it is impossible to count them all. What about their closest competitors- most likely the same. A copywriter is a salesperson. And like any sales rep his job is to highlight the best qualities of the product. It is not enough though to say something is the best to sell it. A copywriter needs to decipher what stands behind the vague statement of “the best” and put it into words that the targeted public will understand. Which leads us to the next point.

Investigation – is it necessary?

Writing a copy is or should be a meticulous process which involves research, listing benefits, advantages, features of the of the product and yes, disadvantages as well. It is nevertheless not about writing only. Copywriting involves asking questions, getting into the shoes of a potential buyer, and thinking like one- in brief, to write, a copywriter needs to investigate. Only this way will they be able to see through the product and position it in a way that will sell.

It is only about writing

A copy writer is an architect. Organizing structure not only logically but in the most appealing way to get the attention, keep interest and call to action. How can this be achieved – by telling stories. Sifting through tons of data and irrelevant facts, selecting the essence of the product or service, and wrapping it in the words that your customers use. A copy should be nestled in a context to make sure it is engaging, real and the potential buyer can identify with the product.

In essence, copywriting is not just writing. It is distilling loads of data, information and observations into a message that sells. It therefore takes more than top notch writing and editing skills contrary to what many may think.

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