Emails we want to read but hardly ever do

My internet provider sent me an email that read: As per our continued efforts to improve your experience, we have recently introduced a new service… In the10th line the mystery is resolved, and I grasp why this new service would interest me at all. Too late. I am disengaged and want to hit “delete” button.Continue reading “Emails we want to read but hardly ever do”

Year 2020 in the words coined during the pandemic

For the past 7 years Royal Academy of Spanish Language (RAE) has been selecting words that describe best the passing calendar year. In 2019 fourteen words were selected as those that reflect what occurred in the year. Among them were Eurosceptic, refuge and climate. 2018 was the year of microplastic and 2015, linked to massiveContinue reading “Year 2020 in the words coined during the pandemic”

Decoding copywriting

Sometimes it is easier to define a process by saying what it is not rather than the opposite to debunk prevailing myths. So here is what copywriting is about. Coining new expressions? Writing a copy is a craft but it does not imply coming up with quirky sounding words. It is not about tongue twisters,Continue reading “Decoding copywriting”