Our story

Our journey started in the early 2000s when Ipis was created – a media platform which revolved around news for small enterprises. 24pr followed shortly after to cover news and tips concerning public relations, marketing and brand management. We were progressively adding new platforms spanning travel, finance and technology. After years of creating content to inform and advise our readers – managers, entrepreneurs, engineers, travel enthusiasts- we decided to embark on a journey to create content for small enterprises, big companies and those who have a great product but are unsure how to wrap it in words to sell.

Our expertise in sales and content writing propelled us to create Abakant – a communications agency focused on delivering messages that speak the language of your customers, that demonstrate the benefits of your products and persuade to act.

Our mission is to craft compelling messages in their distinct forms – web content, newsletters, press releases and annual reports. If you seek to build a project from scratch, transform an unconvincing slogan or push your customers to act- we have the solution! Let us know what your project is and we will create a plan to help you communicate with your clients in a clear, engaging and concise manner.