6 ways to maximize digital content

Maximize digital content

You would think that more content creates more followers and leads to an instant success. Truth be told only high-quality content generates the outcomes you desire. Attract leads to your website, increase brand awareness and grow revenues -all that can be within your reach. With these 6 ways to maximize digital content you have the potential turn it into a round-the-clock lead-magnet.

Find the words that describe you

One of the first steps to creating content is discovering who your audience is. Your audience is the reason why you do what you do. Their concerns and unresolved issues constitute your mission. You cannot be out there for everyone. Narrowing down the needs to a single, most relevant one will help you craft a clear message. List keywords that will become a cornerstone of all your online and offline communications. They will make your content easily traceable by the search engines to benefit your online visibility. And will take the guesswork out of the way for your audience to figure out how you can help them. One sure way to create and maximize digital content is to know who you do it for.

Create a content plan

Your content doesn’t belong in a vacuum. It is part of a plan that can be broken down into smaller chunks – the related themes. With the needs of your audience in mind, you can create a list of topics that will include responses they look for. The long form content is a case in point. Articles of more than 1000 words help you elaborate more on the subject of concern to your audience in the form of a blog, a case study, a how-to tutorial or a list of pros and cons. And having a series of such articles covering related topics enable you to link them thus improving their visibility. Links demonstrate the mastery in approaching the subject and allow you to have a continuous stream of fresh, connected topics, delivered to your audience regularly. Moreover you have an opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in the field.

Post consistently

Both long and short-form content require planning in advance. The style, the voice and the visuals all add up to a well-thought-out strategy. Then comes the research, the actual writing or recording, and editing. You can lose yourself in the number of tasks that each post requires. But one thing is sure- you need to stay consistent not to lose your goals out of sight.

Some social media strategists propose ideas for 30 posts a month. Including behind-the-scenes posts, carrousels showcasing your expertise and quotes you comment on, are only a handful of what they have in store for newbie content creators. And indeed, it is a great way to stay on track. Nevertheless, the bottom line will always be content’s usefulness, relevance, and value to your audience. So don’t give in to the idea of posting frequently and remain unnoticed. Eventually each observant and skillful content creator will see what makes their audience tick and adjust the massages and the frequency to their needs. And this is one of 6 ways to maximize digital content.

Find your niche in the digital space

You create content with people and search engines in mind. Once you have a plan consisting of keywords, themes, and posting frequency, you need to establish how you will create your content. The digital marketplace is crowded enough to keep replicating ideas of those with many followers in the hope that someone will notice you. So what can you do to optimize your content and become a go-to person in your niche? Here is what you can do to achieve it:

  • Find gaps in the existing content. There is always room for taking up so-far unanswered questions. Or finding threads no one has picked up and expand on them.
  • Frame solutions to mind-boggling problems differently from your competitors. Take for example marketing hacks for better visibility. There are at least 2 people you know of who have all the answers. But if you put yourself in the shoes of a small business owner, you might focus on a sole, little explored aspect of the visibility concept and thus become an expert in a narrow niche.  
  • Mix things up to show your prowess for creating various forms of content. You might be a prolific blogger with tons of brilliant ideas. But articles are only one way of showing your expertise. You can enrich your content with videos, podcasts and infographics to cater to the tastes of your audience. And search engines will surely take note of that variety too.
  • Go against the current trends regarding what has been created so far. If 1000-word blogs are the most popular content form on the subject, make your blog much more extensive to include a broader view. Or just the opposite, shorten a lengthy article to a more digestible piece of information. Changing the form helps too, so instead of a long blog post, opt for a different form, useful to your audience and matching search intent.

Create content with search intent in mind

Your audience might know you already and type your brand name directly in the search engine. But in other cases, you are one of many choices available. You might remain undiscovered by your audience, unless you create content in a form that appeals to their search intent. If it is information they need, such as a consultancy, you might write blog posts and create video tutorials and reels. If the search intent is more of an inquiry to know all the intricacies of the product, it is worth having comparisons, video testimonials and reviews available. These forms provide spot on information anyone pressed for time would appreciate having at hand. Therefore, knowing your audience is crucial to give direction on what form of content would be most suitable to create.

Explore other digital channels

If the ideas for content are not an issue but time to create it is, think of repurposing the same content for different channels. It will serve two purposes- increasing your brand awareness across multiple channels and leveraging existing content without the need to create new feeds. The exposure to traffic differs by industry. But it is has been demonstrated that over 60% of traffic is driven by search for industries such as travel, healthcare and personal finance. Therefore if you craft your content adapted to other channels, bearing in mind its form and frequency of feeds, you may increase your exposure beyond website traffic. You might think of targeting your content for the channel that is second best choice for your audience. In fashion, for example, that would be social media. A combination of content feeds for different channels, will grant you enough possibilities to attract people to explore your content.


Content marketing is a process that takes loads of planning and research. Yet the payoffs of those seemingly arduous, initial phases can be very rewarding. First, you are equipped with enough knowledge about the audience to target. You create a user persona you direct your communication at and from there you develop a strategy to satisfy their needs. Second, you create a unique style- the voice, the tone, the form – all the components of your content that distinguish you. And lastly, in the post launch phase, you are able to determine what resonates with the audience and create more of that and less of what they seem indifferent to. Hence a good amount of research, planning and tweaking what already exists, is key to maximizing your digital content and remaining relevant.

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